A Typical Day of Halibut Fishing:
DeepStrike Sportfishing will generally focus on large halibut for the majority
of the day, then if needed, keep smaller fish to round out the limit during the
last hour or two of fishing.  DeepStrike is well known for our "secret spots,"
bringing in some of Homer's most impressive
catches in recent years.   However, the average
sport caught halibut caught by Homer's fleet is
around 12 pounds, and some "big fish" trips
result only in average catches.   As a sportsman
knows, that's the gamble of fishing.  DeepStrike
Sportfishing's success is a result of word-of-mouth
advertising and return customers.   Not every
return customer has caught a giant fish, but they
do appreciate the effort and time put into trying.  
Some catch the fish of a lifetime on their first
trip out, some fish for years and never do.  It's
the feeling that the next bait you drop could end up in the mouth of a 300
lb monster that keeps a fisherman coming back.  

Combo Trips:
DeepStrike specializes in combo
trips, and most return customers
request them.  Combos are an
excellent opportunity to fish for
multiple  species during a single day,
and are ideal for fishermen who only
have a single day to fish.
Large halibut are a bonus and are
often caught on combos, but there is
generally not much time for
"sorting" fish.  DeepStrike will take
you to a halibut hole during the
optimum part of the tide so that they can be caught quickly, leaving ample
time to fish for other species.  Most halibut caught on a combo are
between 10 and 30 pounds.
 If fishing for large halibut is your primary
goal, avoid the Combos and book a Halibut-only trip!  

• Halibut/King(Chinook) Salmon Combo May-July 1st
Our boats are some of the top salmon producers in the fleet.  The Homer
King salmon fishery has been EXCELLENT the last few years, but is now(fall
2018) showing some signs of tapering back to historic levels.  However, even
on an average year, the Homer saltwater King fishery is often an angler's
"best bet" at hooking into a King Salmon while vacationing along Alaska's
road system.

•Halibut/Silver(Coho) Salmon Combo July 25th-Sept 1st
Silver fishing can be fast and furious.  Double and triple hookups are not un-
common when a school of Silvers is found, and at times, the whole boat can
catch a limit in an hour or two!   

•Rockfish/Salmon Combo May-Sept. 1st
An action packed combo, this is a great alternative to the traditional halibut
trip.   Neither species requires a long run, deep water, or large weights.  If
your idea of fun fishing doesn't include the heavy tackle and deep water of
halibut fishing, then this is the trip for you!

• If weather or run timing prevents us from fishing for a second species,
the combo portion of your fare will be refunded.

Great to eat and easy to catch, rockfish are often a welcome alternative to
the heavier tackle and deeper waters associated with halibut fishing.  It's
not uncommon for everyone on-board to be hooked-up at once when
targeting rockfish; making them an ideal target for young fishermen or
those new to fishing.  Black bass are the most commonly caught rockfish,
with  yellow eye, tiger rockfish, quillbacks,
and dusky rockfish being frequently caught
as well.   Many of our clients from Florida
and the Gulf states have compared rockfish
to grouper as table fare.

Jigging Trip
New for 2018!  The jigging trip is an adaptation from the Lingcod
Supercombo of years-past.  With lingcod fishing having slowed considerably
in recent years, it is no longer practical(time-wise) to do lings as an "add-on"
species in conjunction with a focused halibut/rockfish combo.  Jigging trips
(weather permitting) will be focused on using lead-head and diamond jigs to
drift-fish rock pinnacles in the Gulf of Alaska.  Drift-fishing the pinnacles
gives anglers an excellent shot at lings, halibut, black rockfish, and yelloweye
rockfish(many of DeepStrike's largest halibut have come while jigging these

Jigging is a preferred fishing method by many experienced anglers, as it puts
full control into the angler's hands; requires smaller weights(than during
typical bottom fishing) and requires much less-frequent bait and gear checks.  
However, Jigging is NOT for the novice angler!  Unlike our standard bottom-
fishing routine, which involves an anchored vessel, self-setting circle hooks,
and a relatively flat ocean-floor; Jigging is done from a rapidly drifting vessel
over constantly fluctuating depths.   The "bite" on a jig can be quite subtle,
and success requires an ability to rapidly detect the bite and give an
instantaneous hookset.  A Jigging trip is the ultimate Gamble.  At times, one
angler could hook into a 100-plus pound halibut as well as limits of lingcod
and rockfish, while the angler next to him could come home with nothing
more than the story about the "one that got away".  

Other than gear-type, the greatest difference between the Jigging trip and any
of our other trips is that a specific block of time will NOT be set-aside to
TARGET halibut.  That said, halibut are a often caught aboard the Jigging
trips, and halibut limits are not-uncommon.  Though we're not building the
trip around "getting a halibut limit", the captain will at the very least try to
run through an area with a high concentration of smaller halibut on the way
home; so that customers will have a shot at a quick halibut limit.

If weather prevents safe access to the preferred Jigging grounds of the Gulf,
the trip will be changed to halibut-only(using jigs and/or conventional tackle),
and the price will be adjusted down accordingly.

Deposits and Refunds:
• A $150 per person per day deposit is required on all bookings.
• A full refund will be given if trip is cancelled with a minimum two weeks
• A full refund will be given if unable to fish due to weather or mechanical
• No shows and last minute cancellations will result in a full fare charge.
2019 Trip Rates & Options
Rates listed in white are PEAK-SEASON rates.   Rates listed in red are SHOULDER-
SEASON rates.  Peak-season is June 1st through August 31st.  Rates are per-person. Trip
descriptions and limits are listed lower on this page.
Single Species ( Halibut OR Rockfish)
-Irish Mist-
-Current Lady-
Single Species Salmon
-Irish Mist-
-Irish Mist-
-Current Lady-
Halibut/Salmon Combo
-Irish Mist-
-Irish Mist-
-Current Lady-
Salmon/Rockfish Combo
-Irish Mist-
-Irish Mist-
-Current Lady-
Halibut/Rockfish Combo  
-Irish Mist-
-Irish Mist-
-Current Lady-
Jigging Trip - New in 2018 - Best chance at a
-Current Lady-
Full Boat Multi-day Live-aboard Fishing
(4 Person Max)

Trips can be 2 - 5 days.  Price is per-day  
-Current Lady-

Available before June 15 and
after August 15
Full Boat Black Bear Hunt   (4 Person Max)

Trip is 4 days.  Price is per-day.
-Current Lady-
-The Irish Mist carries a maximum of 8 passengers.

-The Current Lady carries 8 passengers on salmon-only and salmon combo trips.  
The Current Lady carries 10 passengers on non-salmon trips.  Larger groups(up to
14) may also be accommodated in the case of single-party boat buy-outs.  Please call
or email for additional details on trip options and discounts for large party bookings.

-Trips average 8-10 hours.

-Customers will meet their Captain at Central Charters on the morning of the trip.  
The street address for Central Charters is 4241 Homer Spit Road.

-Charters operating on Alaskan saltwater will routinely encounter sea-states which
can make it difficult to maintain balance and to move about freely.  The challenge of
moving around onboard is difficult to quantify, however, it can be roughly said that:
If an individual is not ABLE to climb and descend a set-of-stairs(on land) without
needing to use the handrail or requiring a break, they will likely not be comfortable
moving-about aboard a 6 or 8 passenger vessel.
 If a member of your party requires
special consideration in terms of sea-state, please book all seats aboard the vessel for
a given day, so that your captain can maintain the comfort of YOUR party as the
day's highest priority.

-Rates do not include sales tax.

-A $15 per person fuel surcharge will be added to all trips if the price of fuel exceeds
$5 per gallon.
907-235-6094               info@DeepStrikeAK.com
Limits & Best Times To Fish

(Limit Announced by
Fish & Game by March
31st of each year.)
Limit varies with

Proposed limit for 2019 is 2
fish, one of which must be 28"
or less.  The annual limit for
halibut is 4 fish per person.
May 15th- Sept 15th

Halibut fishing will be
closed on WEDNESDAYS
for the entire season.  It is
likely that all TUESDAYS
will also be closed to halibut
retention in 2019.
King Salmon
2 per person per day*
May 15th - July 1st
Silver Salmon
3 per person per day
July 25th - Aug. 25th
5 per person per day**
June 1st - Sept. 1st
2 per person per day***
July 1st - August 20
*Some areas near salmon spawning grounds allow only 1 king salmon per
**Only 1 of the 5 rockfish may be a non-pelagic rokfish.  Commonly caught
non-pelagic rockfish include: Yellow Eye, Copper, Quillback, and China
***The minimum size lingcod which may be retained is 35 inches.  Lingcod
may not be retained before July 1st.
Homer, Alaska                                             907-235-6094
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