Both of our boats are purpose-built for sportfishing, and are maintained to
exceptional standards.  Our vessels each feature an auto-inflating life raft,
GPS distress beacon, dual VHF radios, and satellite communication.

CURRENT LADY is currently under construction by Bay Weld Boats in
Homer, AK.  The Current Lady features all-welded construction, triple
engines(providing over 1000 hp!), a Seakeeper Gyro stabilization system, and
some of the most sophisticated electronic and engine management systems in
the fleet.  Though the Current Lady is considerably larger than the vessel it
replaces(the Grand Aleutian), passenger numbers on mixed party bookings
will be limited to a maximum of 8 on trips targeting salmon, and a
maximum of 10 on all other type trips.  Additionally, the Current Lady can
accommodate single-party groups of up to 14 persons by special reques.  Find
more info on the Seakeeper Gyro by visiting their website at
com, or Googling "Seakeeper demo video.'

*The Current Lady's full introductory description and list of Frequent Asked
Questions can be found below*

IRISH MIST is built upon a hull designed by Uniflite, and is one of just
a few boats in the Homer fleet which was designed and built from-the-start
as a dedicated "charter boat."  The Irish Mist is the ONLY boat in Homer
which has sufficient outdoor seating for ALL customers to have a seat on deck
while fishing.  Though the Grand Aleutian had a larger-than-average fishing
deck, the cabin-forward design of the Irish Mist creates a back-deck fishing
area of more than DOUBLE the square footage of what many customers had
become accustomed to on the Grand Aleutian's deck.  The Irish Mist carries a
maximum of 8 passengers.

More on the NEW Current Lady:

Much has changed in technology and boat-building over the last 30 years, and this new Vessel
allows some MAJOR advancements over what we’d become accustomed to aboard the Grand
Aleutian! In regards to fishing, the most outstanding highlights are:

-Triple 350 HP engines (total of 1050 HP!)

This power-package will push the boat at 1.5x to 2x the speed of the Grand Aleutian. That speed
difference will mean that a run to the fishing grounds which typically took 3.5 hours aboard the
Grand Aleutian will now take only 2 hours. Our Gulf of Alaska runs aboard the Grand Aleutian
used to consist of a 3.5 hour run out, 4 hours of fishing, and a 3.5 hour run back in. If the
weather is nice, the new Vessel can now have a day which consists of 2 hours out, 7 hours of
fishing, and 2 hours back in. That’s almost DOUBLE the time spent with lines in the water (plus
the potential to explore new and possibly un-touched areas!)

- SeaStar Optimus GPS controlled steering, navigation, and “Skyhook” type engine- based
anchoring system.

The standout here is the “Skyhook” anchoring. Skyhook uses all three engines in conjunction
with GPS satellites to hold the Vessel in a constant location and direction WITHOUT having to
drop the anchor! This feature should virtually eliminate lost fishing time/opportunity due to a
dragging anchor, and also opens some amazing doors when it comes to fishing through slack-
tides. Our hope is that instead of having to drop the anchor and wait (sometimes for hours) for
the tide to swing us over the “perfect” spot, we can now just pull up on top of “the spot,” set the
Skyhook, and hold the boat in a constant position indefinitely, regardless of wind, tidal current,
or wave direction.

- Seakeeper Stabilization Gyro

We see the Seakeeper gyro as being the greatest advancement in boating technology since the
first internal combustion engine was installed aboard a boat! As long as there have been boats
on the water, motion sickness has plagued ocean-goers, and the Seakeeper is the first piece of
equipment to efficiently minimize side-to-side roll in smaller vessels. Though the Seakeeper
cannot change that a vessel moves up and down with the waves, it reduces SIDE-TO-SIDE roll
by as much as 95%. It is generally this side-to-side rolling which induces sea-sickness, and it is
CERTAINLY the rolling which makes it so difficult to stand and move about the Vessel on a
rough day. We’re hoping that the Seakeeper will again increase the hours of effective fishing each
day, while also making a HUGE reduction in customer fatigue at the end of the day (and
seasickness during the day!)

Though the Seakeeper is relatively new technology, the internet is already starting to boil-over
with testimonials and videos from amazed Seakeeper owners/passengers. Search “Seakeeper
Video” on Google for more information!

- 360° Walk-around Deck

Though it lacks the flash of gyroscope stabilization or GPS self-driving, the 360° walk-around
deck on this Vessel is what allows all other aspects of the build to fall into place. The back deck of
the Grand Aleutian has a fishable rail space which is about 8’ long on each side and about 11’
across the back, for a total “rail” of 27 feet. The new Vessel, with it’s walk-around design, will
allow fishermen to use every inch of the boat’s length to spread themselves out. The 38’ x 14’
dimensions of the new boat create 90 feet of fishable rail, more than TRIPLE the rail space we had
aboard the Grand Aleutian! So, even though this Vessel will typically be booked with a few more
people than the Grand Aleutian (8-max on salmon combos, and 10-max on all other trips), it still
allows at least DOUBLE the fishable rail space per person when compared to the Grand Aleutian!

In addition to being a vastly-improved fishing platform, the Vessel is also being designed with
multi-day hunting and fishing trips in mind. Stay tuned for information on overnight fishing
trips, spring black bear hunts, and fall deer/mountain goat hunts on Kodiak!

- Ability to carry larger fishing groups and/or non-paying “Riders.”

The inspiration behind this Vessel is the idea that through advancements in design and
technology we can carry a few more fishermen per day, without sacrificing the success or
comfort of any of our customers who are accustomed to fishing with us aboard the Grand
Aleutian. Though the Vessel will only be booked to take 8-max on salmon combos, and 10-max
on other trips; it will be a USCG inspected vessel, which will allow it to carry UP TO 14

While this 14 person max has no advantage to the majority of our customers (since we’ve
already capped trips at 8 or 10), it does open doors for some of our larger groups who would
PREFER to have more people onboard. Since the purchase of the Irish Mist (an 8-pack), we’ve
encountered many groups who have been ECSTATIC about the possibility of being able to bring
additional friends or family along (beyond the traditional 6-pack limit). If you have a larger
group you’d like to get out, let us know and we can put together custom trips with up to 14
fishermen onboard! In addition to the custom trips, we are also licensed to bring along
additional NON-FISHING “Riders” at a discounted rate. The Rider option allows kids, spouses,
or other non-fishing company to come along “just for the ride”!


-FAQ: Why aren’t there many pictures of the new vessel?

Answer: They’re coming! The new vessel is under-contract with BayWeld boats for a May, 2019

-FAQ: What material will the new vessel be made from?

Answer: Marine grade welded aluminum

-FAQ: What dates will Capt. David be operating the new vessel?

Answer: From June 17th through the 14th of August 2019.  Dates may vary in subsequent years,
but will roughly be mid-June through mid-August each year.

-FAQ: I’ve been told not to fish on boats which carry more than 6 people because they’re all
overcrowded “cattle cars.”

Answer: Capt. David, DeepStrike Sportfishing, and Dakota Ocean Charters LLC have held the
concern of cattle-car type over-crowding paramount throughout each phase of the design,
layout, and implementation of this new vessel. Though the vessel will carry 2 to 4 more
fishermen, it is being built with a 360-degree wrap-around fishing deck. This purpose-built
custom deck layout allows fishermen to spread out all around the boat, and creates a
fishable/usable rail-space which is more than TRIPLE that of the Grand Aleutian. The Grand
Aleutian allowed each of its 6 customers approximately 4.5 feet of rail space. The new Vessel will
allow each of its 10 customers 8.6 feet of rail space. So, though there are more people onboard,
each person will have more fishing room along the rail. Additionally, by purpose-building this
vessel to take a few more people each day, many new doors are opened in regards to the
ownership and operating costs of the Vessel. The additional gross income which results from
having a few more people on-board allows for a faster boat which can operate at longer ranges
and have luxuries on-board such as the Seakeeper gyro stabilization system.

-FAQ: Does being on a bigger boat mean that it will be slower?

Answer: Absolutely not! As a purpose-built charter vessel, speed was determined to be of
primary concern, resulting in a decision to give this boat LOADS of horsepower (1050 to be
exact!) The new vessel will have the highest horsepower-to-length ratio of ANY vessel currently
in the Homer charter fleet.

-FAQ: Why does the boat only take 8 on straight-salmon or salmon combos, but takes 10 on all
other day trips?

Answer: The majority of Homer’s saltwater salmon fishing is done using downriggers. Aboard
our previous vessel (the Grand Aleutian), we always ran 3 downriggers for 6 customers. That
meant 2 customers per rod when salmon fishing. The new vessel will run 4 downriggers, so we’
ve stuck with our standard of 2 customers per rod (8 customers total for salmon).

-FAQ: Is there room for everyone to sit down inside?

Answer: The vessel’s interior is designed to seat 11 customers plus 2 crew and 4 bunks.  If
customers would prefer to sit outside, there is seating for 6 on the back-deck.

-FAQ: Is there a restroom onboard?

Answer: Yes. The restroom is full-size(for a boat) with conventional flushing and plumbing (it’s
not a porta-potti), and is located above deck.

-FAQ: Do the halibut reels have a low gear?

Answer: Yes, the reels have low gear (easy button).

-FAQ: Is there a minimum number of customers required for the boat to go out on a given day?

Answer: Yes, the minimum number of customers required for a trip aboard either of our vessels
is 4.

-FAQ: What if the minimum number of customers is not reached on the day of my trip? Will I be
left on the dock if the trip minimum is not reached?

Answer: DeepStrike continues to solicit bookings through about 8 PM the night before the trip.
If the minimum client number has not been reached at that time, DeepStrike will network with
other Homer area charter companies to find you space aboard another vessel for the following
day. If space aboard another vessel cannot be found, DeepStrike will run you aboard one of our
vessels, even though the published minimum number of clients has not been reached. YOU

-FAQ: Since this boat carries more than 6 people, does it only target chickens (small halibut)?

Answer: NO! As with all boats operated by DeepStrike, the Captain’s mission when leaving the
dock is to spend as much time as is possible/practical “hunting” for larger halibut. That said, if
you have booked a combo trip, there is not much time to hunt for bigger halibut (since you are
looking to spend a considerable portion of the day targeting a second species). Additionally,
weather does not always allow the vessel to spend as much time as is needed/wanted waiting for
larger fish to bite.

-FAQ: What happens if the Captain spends all day “hunting” for larger halibut, but they’re not
biting? Do customers go home empty-handed?

Answer: DeepStrike captains structure their day around maximizing all angler’s opportunity to
catch larger halibut, but also realize that whether fishing on a particular day is good, great, or
average, customers would still like to walk off the boat with fish in their hands. If fish are still
needed towards the end of the day, the captain will stop at a “chicken hole” to try to get the boat
limited out on smaller fish before heading home (weather permitting).

-FAQ: What if there is a mechanical breakdown which prevents the vessel from leaving port, or
the captain cancels due to weather on the morning of the trip?

Answer: DeepStrike gives a 100% refund if a mechanical issue or inclement weather prevents the
vessel from leaving port on the morning of the trip. If a customer is booked on a combo trip and
inclement weather prevents the vessel from fishing for a second species, the customer will only be
charged at the single-species rate. If inclement weather makes it unsafe or impractical to fish a full
day (8 – 10 hours), then customers will be charged a half-day rate.

-FAQ: Do I have to keep the first halibut that I catch, or may I catch and release to try for a
larger fish?

Answer: It is always up to the customer to decide which halibut he or she would like to keep,
however, captain and crew will make recommendations throughout the day about what they
feel a “keeper” should be. These recommendations are based upon factors such as time remaining,
tide phase, weather, geographic location, physical ability of other customers onboard, and
availability/location of a second species (if on a combo trip). *Occasionally, crew will have to
make a split-second judgment to keep a larger fish (before the customer can view and evaluate it)
in order to prevent it from escaping at the surface.

-FAQ: How much meat is on a 28” halibut?

Answer: A halibut which is 28.0 inches (the current maximum allowable-size u28” fish) yields
about 4 pounds of filleted meat.

-FAQ: Will I catch a fish?

Answer: Probably! Customers aboard guided halibut trips in Homer have one of the highest
fishing success rates in the WORLD! Catching fish is the norm, not the exception!

-FAQ: I recently had joint replacement surgery. Will I be able to handle a day of fishing?
Answer: Maybe.... Though many who have recently had major medical work come to fish with
us, some do regret it. As a rule, if an individual has difficulty with mobility on dry-land, they
will definitely be uncomfortable when attempting to move around the vessel. While individuals
with impaired mobility are welcome to join us aboard the vessels, they must understand that
there may be a point in the day where it is in their best interest to cease fishing and retire to the
cabin. Refunds will not be given for those who choose to come along, but who then decide that
fishing and moving about the vessel is too physically taxing for them.

-FAQ: I would like to bring my child along. What is the minimum age you recommend for kids?

Answer: We don't technically have an age limit, but we haven't had much luck with kids under
12 unless your group is booking the "Full Boat". If you have the full boat, then your Captain can
make all his/her decisions based upon what's best for YOU and your children (calmer water,
shallower water, more action, etc); however, if there are multiple groups (and fishing agendas)
aboard, the Captain has to stay focused on producing fish, which often happens in conditions
which are uncomfortable for a younger child.
The Irish Mist
The Current Lady
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