Un-Guided Black Bear Hunts

The month of May is bear season in Southcentral Alaska. With prime hides and
empty stomachs, boars leave their mountain dens and head downhill, away
from the snowline and towards the food-laden beaches. The area we hunt has
an extremely high population of black bear, and it is not un-
common to see a dozen or more in a day.  All hunts are self-guided, allowing
hunters to chase Alaska big game in a prime location without breaking the
bank. DeepStrike Sportfishing will transport you to an area with a high bear
population, then act as a floating hunting lodge while you stalk your trophy.  
Once dropped on the beach, you are on your own until you radio in for a

As with any other big game, the best hunting is early in the morning and late
in the evening.  This leaves plenty of time mid-day to chase halibut and other
sportfish.  All meals are prepared on board by Captain and Crew, allowing
you time to focus on the hunt.  

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Can't make it to Alaska this year?   Plan a spring snow goose hunt in
Missouri or South Dakota with Nick-the-Deckhand and Eaglehead
Dinner on the grill, the Grand Aleutian awaits the
return of a successful group of hunters.
DeepStrike Sportfishing LLC
Homer, Alaska
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